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Getting to the Next Level

Modern Day Selling offers you new insight and skills designed to help you achieve greater success. Come see what is setting the new standard in sales training by helping sales associates re-connect with the Modern Day Customer by establishing the bond of trust and opening up the lines of communication.

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Why Choose Us?

Many sales trainers can tell you what you need to do but lack the hands-on experience to really connect with your staff. As a yearly million dollar plus sales associate for the past 9 years Brian still practices what he preaches when it comes to selling techniques.

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Building a Loyal Clientele Base

Modern Day Selling turns focus away from greedy sales tactics and back towards the customer and meeting their needs. Learn how to impact the lives of your customers in a meaningful way by creating a show-time experience that will keep them coming back for more.

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View the latest Sales Training Videos by Brian Barfield, author of Modern Day Selling.

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Become an Elite Sales Professional

Modern Day Selling teaches skills that will help set you apart from the standard style of selling. Learn how to impact your environment in a positive way by utilizing the self-management skills offered by Modern Day Selling. Find greater success by learning to be more effective and efficient in your sales presentation.

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